Success Stories: Join these Healthy Beverage Pledgers!

We are commemorating local organizations for improving their food and beverage environments as we celebrate May’s Employee Health & Fitness Month.  These Seattle organizations demonstrate how easy making healthy choices more accessible to their staff and patrons can be. The first step is acknowledging the need to adapt a healthy beverage environment into your workplace. […]

Healthy Meeting

Employee Health and Fitness Month

Take the Healthy Beverage Pledge

All around us, even in the workplace, the unhealthy choice is usually the easiest choice we can make– especially when it comes to sugar-loaded, high calorie drinks.  The Hydrate for Health pledge is all about making healthy drinks, like water, more accessible whether it be in the employee break room, vending machines or at workplace […]

The Power of a Hydration Station

One of the most underestimated challenges when it comes to getting our families to drink more water, is the bad reputation so many of our local water fountains have. Whether its from taste, temperature, or just an ugly appearance, if the water doesn’t look safe to drink, we won’t drink it. That’s why the Childhood […]

The Power of a Hydration Station

Original Photo by Popular Mechanics

Water: Life’s Lubricant

With the recent cold mornings, its get more and more difficult to climb out of bed. Its not just the temperature itself, but your whole body just seems to get a little bit harder to move this time of year. Whether its your neck, back, or even your knees; sometimes getting out of bed can […]

All I Want For Christmas is Clean Water

Its official, the holiday season is upon us and everyone is rushing around to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This year why not give one of the most important gifts someone can give, clean water. More than anything else, you could gift access to healthy water a gift that keeps giving. Often […]

Photo taken by Gasland documentary and Clean Water Action Group

Toca Kitchen

Educating The Kids Where They Play.

With all the flashy marketing, it can be really difficult to compete to get our kids to make healthy choices. Between all the the flair, just telling your kids what’s is and isn’t healthy can honestly seem a bit boring in comparison. That is beginning to change as more and more educational opportunities open up […]

Providing Water, a Community Responsibility

As part of the Hydrate For Health campaign, I talk to a lot of people about access to water. If there is one thing we could do to make a huge impact on our community’s health, its encouraging and providing clean water. Yet for something that can have such a huge impact, there can be […]

Waking Up, With Water in Your Cup

There is no denying it. The air is getting colder and the sun just doesn’t seem to be coming out that much any more. Waking up before the sun can be a real challenge, especially when you’re leaving the warmth of home behind. That’s why many of us turn to everyone’s special morning pick me […]

Water and the Immune System

It’s that time of year again—sore throats, hacking coughs and sniffly noses… the cold and flu season is here.  With the weather turning cool, busy school schedules and the holidays coming up, it’s too easy to let ourselves get worn out and our immune systems need to start working overtime.  Getting the flu shot, washing […]

Fruit Choices

Are All Healthy Drinks, Healthy?

One of the great things about being a part of the Hydrate For Health campaign, is getting to go out to all these community events and getting to talk to everyone about how to feel and be healthier. One of the things we use to help us is a neat little display where we put […]